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Couples therapy and family therapy: The rollercoaster ride

We'll dive into the messy, confusing world of family and couples therapy. This is the emotional equivalent to removing Christmas lights. You'll feel better for it. Dreaming of a therapy career? Explore colleges for marriage and family therapist.

Family counseling doesn't mean sitting in circles, airing dirty laundry while someone takes notes. This is more like a detective's game, where everyone is the detective and the mystery.

Couples counseling? Oh, boy! Another rollercoaster. Imagine dancing with a partner. At first, you step on each other's toes - ouch! With some help, eventually you will start to dance together. Couples counseling aims to help you dance smoothly together, no matter what the music is.

The therapies are great because they reveal what I call "family lore" - the stories that a couple, or family, tells to each other about themselves. Some of the stories that you tell yourself can be positive like "We made it through," but they can also hold you back. The therapy is when a friend says, "Hey! Have you ever considered looking at this in a different way?" These chains begin to unravel.

I understand the feeling of sharing personal information with someone that you do not know. It's like singing in public. This can be uncomfortable, and it makes you vulnerable. It's OK to be embarrassed. It is for this reason that therapists have been trained to minimize pain. Imagine it as a nice cup of coffee with a friend who you can trust and will not reveal your secrets.

In the same way, today's therapy is quite innovative. No longer just couches and tissues. You can rewrite (literally) your story and put the focus on solving problems instead. It's the same as fixing a leaky faucet without worrying about who caused it.

Culture has played a major role in therapy. Realizing that Sunday dinners aren't just about food. Her Sunday dinners are her way of maintaining a strong bond between generations.

The technology also allows you to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary. This is perfect for when it seems impossible to climb Mount Everest and put on real pants.

Why bother? Relationships are important. They can be difficult, but also rewarding.

If you choose therapy, it doesn't mean that you are a failure. You're showing that you are willing to fight and work for a positive outcome. You can choose to say "Yes!" It's a choice to say "Yes!" "Yes!" to connection instead of loneliness.

What is the difference between family counseling and couples therapy? Tough? Yes. Does it make any sense? You'll be able weather any storm that life brings your way.

Remember that making repairs is the best thing you can do on this rollercoaster of a life. We look forward to a more comfortable ride!

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