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How To Choose The Perfect Leather Motorcycle Vest

Let's go straight to the meat of this topic: plus size womens leather vest. It's not worth wasting time on this - getting the perfect leather motorcycle vest can be like grabbing the last slice of pie at a gathering. Everyone wants to have it, but it will only go to the fastest or most informed.

Let's begin by talking leather. Do not believe all leather is equal. Cowhide, buffalo hide and calfskin are the best choices. Why? They are tough and can take the punishment of the road with no qualms. Plus, like fine wine they improve with age.

Craftsmanship is something that you shouldn't gloss over. Have you ever tried to impress someone and your zipper gave up? Not very fun. Here, we want quality stitching as well as hardware that will not fail. This is like having a friend who will stick by you no matter what.

What to say about pockets? Welcome to the club. A vest with plenty of pockets will allow you to carry your essentials while not looking like a Kangaroo on wheels.

Customization is the place where things really get interesting. Want to slap some patches on or add colors? Do it! It's your vest, so customize it!

Ventilation sounds sexist, but believe me, it is essential. In hot weather, riding with a leather torso without airflow is similar to being in a fully-clothed sauna. You should look for vests with perforations and mesh panels to allow your skin the freedom to breathe.

Brands do matter, but don't simply follow the crowd. Some underdogs may have the same appeal as big-name brands, but they offer unique features.

The debate over style is real. Traditional back panel or segmented? You can't choose between modern and classic pop. The seamless look is preferred by traditionalists, but others prefer segmented sections for greater movement.

It gets interesting when choosing between materials like soft milled cattlehide versus a horsehide. It comes down to your personal taste: do you prefer buttery-softness or armor like toughness?

As we wrap up our little chat (because, who needs formal conclusion? Finding the best leather vest for you isn't just about ticking off boxes. It's about finding out what suits you. You can choose to go with the style that appeals to you, whether it is the tight fit or the quality of the leather.

This is it. No fluff. No jargon. Just straight talk. On high-speed. Remember to ride safely, wear your patches (and heart) on your sleeveless jacket, and, most importantly, enjoy each mile.

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