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How To Choose The Right Leather Motorcycle Vest For Your Story

Let's not waste any time. You're on the hunt for a leather biker jacket that says much more than, "I'm Here." It also whispers to you: "I know stories." This isn't like choosing socks. The same way you would choose a travel companion, it's important to find someone who is reliable. Hold on! We're riding in a car to look for the perfect leather coat without sounding robotish.

Let's talk first about the material. Choose between cowhide and buffalo. Cowhide is resistant to wind, heat, or scrapes. Buffalo leather, anyone? It is similar to cowhide except it's more flexible. It's cool, flexible and becomes better with age.

The glue that holds the whole thing together will be discussed. It's important to find something that you can rely on. We aren't looking for vests with a tendency to unravel after an adventure. Instead, we need something that will remain intact even when the rider goes off-road or is caught in heavy rain.

Functionality plays a major role. Imagine riding your bike without anywhere to put all of your things. Nightmare, right? You can hide your phone, your wallet or some snacks within the pockets on a vest. For those wanting to be extra-safe, vests can have hidden compartments. The pockets can hold anything, including concert tickets and...well, we won't get too PG.

Most of the fun comes from customizing. You can buy a plain vest. But why not get some patches made or some artwork done? You can really show off your personality. The vest becomes a journal of all your two-wheeled experiences.

Brands are important but perhaps in a different way than you thought. Although big brands are great, don't neglect the underdogs. Small brands often put their souls and heart into creating gear that stands out from the crowd.

Schott NYC was established in 1898 and is an expert on leather. Fox Creek Leather's another option. They produce vests made of American leather that are as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Vanson Leathers will also make your wildest vest fantasy a reality.

For the best leather motorcycle jackets, it's more than just checking boxes and following trends. The best leather motorcycle vests aren't just about following trends or checking boxes. They are about finding the piece that is right for you. You want to pick something that is going to tell stories, and accumulate miles.

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