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When you slip into your car, it makes you feel as if you were sitting in an entirely new car. It's all part of the magic that is car detailing. Newtown is the place to be. Here you'll find some of Australia's best car detailers. They will transform your vehicle from boring to stunning. On car detailing newtown you can learn more.

Imagine driving down Main Street. The windows are open, the music is blasting and people look at your car because it shines like a gem. Good detailing can make your car sparkle like a diamond. Not only is it about cleaning your vehicle, you should also make sure that the entire interior shines.

Let's start by talking about the interiors. Has your interior ever been a mess? The mess is gone with an inside detail. Consider vacuuming the entire interior, shampooing the seats so they are like new, even cleaning hard to reach spots underneath seats that hold old French fries.

You don't want to hear about the leather seats. Special care is required. The rags you use to clean them are not suitable. Detailers condition leather and use products designed for this purpose to keep it soft.

Take a quick look outside. You can imagine the abuse your exterior car receives from sun, rain or bird droppings. It's not enough to wash your car; it also needs waxing. It's like applying sunscreen to your car paint. It is a UV-blocking wax that makes water glisten like magic.

You may have heard the term clay bar treatment. The name is not a misnomer! Even after washing, contaminants can still be stuck to paint surfaces. It makes the paint surface as smooth as a glass.

It restores that showroom shine, removing the minor swirl marks and scratches left by bad washing technique or harsh car wash brushes.

We must not forget the wheels! Even though they're frequently neglected, wheels play an essential role in making your car look sharp. Detailers will use special tools to clean the brake dust that has accumulated.

A professional detailer has a huge arsenal. Like Batman's utility bag, only for cars. Buffers, Steam Cleaners, and more! Each tool serves a purpose when it comes to bringing the best out of your vehicle.

You're not done yet! You can also get additional services. For example, headlight restoration. Headlights that are foggy will be clearer again.

It is also possible to use ceramic coatings. These are superior to waxes and provide protection that will last longer against the environment while providing a glossy finish for many years, instead of months.

This may seem overwhelming, but it's well worth your time once you begin to see the benefits.

You will feel a sense of satisfaction and pride when you drive your car knowing that every inch was lovingly cared for by professionals who are passionate about their craft.

Newtown might be a small city but it is not lacking in excitement when it involves keeping your vehicle clean and pristine. No matter if you are a weekend warrior, a collector or merely rely on your car as a daily driver each piece deserves TLC and dedicated hands to ensure that it is road ready.