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We'll look at carpets in more detail, without sounding as if we're snoozing continue reading. Imagine throwing a big party. Imagine throwing a huge party. The music was pumping, the dance floor (aka your living room) was lit, and then someone decided to salsa with a glass of wine. Spoiler alert: The carpet now looks like a crime scene from a murder mystery involving wine.

Steam cleaners will become your best friend. Imagine steam cleaning your rug as a hot soak after a long night. This method is very dirty and goes to the core of the stain. You can't rush perfection or the drying process.

Dry cleaning is a great option if you need your life "asap". You can refresh your clothes before going out. It is very dry and does its job. This product is perfect for cleaning up quickly before an event or party.

Here's where we can be creative. Why not use baking soda or vinegar instead of expensive cleaners? These pantry MVPs are able to remove stains and smells better than any other. If the substance is not too sticky, you don't have to panic. Place some ice from the freezer on the gum and allow it to chill. It is much easier to remove gum from your mouth than to convince friends to help you clean up after a party.

Let's not forget about our planet. You're also protecting the environment by going green. By going green, you also protect your home and pets from harmful chemicals.

You might be asking: "But what if DIY doesn't work?" When your DIY-style hairstyle doesn't look like the video on YouTube, calling in professionals is admitting you need a professional. They have tools and tricks that make us mortals look like minor league players.

How much effort, time (and, let's face it, how much talent) can you devote? This is what will determine whether you hire professionals. There are also carpets that need a lot more maintenance and should be cleaned by a professional.

You can now de-mystify the carpet cleaning process without feeling like you need to take a nap. Maintaining your carpets doesn't have to be difficult, whether you do it yourself. Do not forget to lay down plastic sheets next time before pouring your Merlot.
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