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We'll get right down to it and hunt for the perfect leather vest. You don't pick out your socks, or choose the salad dressing at the grocery. Folks, this is a serious matter. While cruising on the highway and strutting through the town you want something to say "I'm in business". Continue reading?

Let's begin by talking about the quality of leather. If you're looking for something to last, then full-grain leather is your best friend. You'll want to go with full-grain leather. Like that friend who always has your back, regardless of the mischief. The material ages faster than fine wines, gaining character from every scratch.

Next, let's talk about craftsmanship. Not something you slapped on during your coffee break. A vest made by hand is the best. Every stitch reflects dedication, sweat and hard work (both figuratively and literally). A handmade vest is the ultimate. You can tell that each thread has been laid out with you in its mind.

You must not get me going on the subject of pockets. When you are on the road, they're vital for storing your gear. This isn't just about finding a cozy place to keep hands warm when you get cold. Phones, wallets, and even sneaky snacks can be stored in pockets. We need as many pockets as possible!

A second important feature is adjustability. It's not pleasant to be squeezed in your clothes, or even like you are drowning. Are those straps on the side? Not only are they there to show off, but also so that you can get a perfect fit with your vest whether it's a Tshirt on or a thicker layer in the cooler months.

You might think that ventilation is not a very exciting idea, but listen to what I have to say. Has anyone ever been stuck in the heat on their bike? That's a bad idea. Just a small amount of airflow could make all the difference in feeling like a roasted turkey or riding comfortably.

This vest will reflect your personal style, regardless of whether it's classic cool and minimalist or more modern. Your flag is high; let it fly.

But don't let us forget the importance of looking stylish and being safe. Several vests have reflective patches or armor slots, since being seen is very important.

Also, ethics are important. These days, people care more about where their gear came from. And that is good! How about ethically-sourced and eco-friendly products? Big plus points in my book.

There are many brands to choose from. Some have been in business for decades, such as Schott NYC. Others offer new designs with innovative ideas.

At the end (or of the ride), choosing THE leather biker jacket comes down to feeling right in all areas: style, fit, performance, and quality.

If you're looking for biker apparel, this isn’t the time to rush. Once you have found "the one," I promise, it's much more than just clothing. This is your second skin that's ready to go on the road and tell stories. Then, take these suggestions and hit the stores or browse pages on-line until you come across that vest which screams out "This Is Me!" It's time to wear your vest like the boss you know you are. You can at least avoid sleeping on your textbooks.